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It is a ranking site which aggregates tech-related online courses from multiple online educational platforms. Platforms currently include Udemy, O'Reilly, and Microsoft Learn.

The rankings are made from 3 educational platforms now.
  • Udemy
  • O'Reilly
  • Microsoft Learn

The rankings show the courses with the highest user ratings in the order of desending in the number of ratings. The user ratings are fetched from each of the educational platforms.

For those who are from beginners or tech geeks eager to study technology and enroll in the best online course over internet.

We make money from affiliate program. We receive a commission from our affiliate program partners when a user registers or enrolls a course via a link to the course.

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Links are directed to the source of original online courses offered by educational platforms.

No, the ranking does not determine the superiority or inferiority of the learning materials or platforms, but is simply the result of arranging them as a means of sorting.